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By utilizing global resources,
build a service-centric business process support model
for diverse business activities, that will go above and beyond the obvious and ordinary,
by continuously looking for opportunities, and taking unique actions to create value for the clients.

We provide world-class business support services
to empower your valuable resources to focus on their core business activities, and extend their reach to do more with ease.

By utilizing our services,
you can improve your bottom line, grow your business with less risks, and enjoy peace of mind.

We assure you of..

  • Consistent quality – We have observed zero attrition over last many years.

  • 24 x 7 service availability – Distributed activity centers to mitigate service outage due to natural calamities as well as manmade eventualities like power outage, internet outage, etc.

  • Pro-active service – We act before it hits.

  • Secure business processes – We adhere to strict data security and privacy norms and protocols.

What we do..

We take away time consuming tasks from paralegal and free them up to focus on legal services.

  • Preparation of ECF ready Brief and case documents

  • Deposition/Trial Transcript Summary

  • Docketing and Calendaring

We work in tandem with your client facing team and take care of all routine processes to free them up for better client services

  • Convenience store operation

  • Designated Doctor Exam Scheduling Service provider

  • Appellate Service provider

back office support.png

Reviewing medical records made easy by organizing the records in chronological order and summarizing its contents.

  • Medico-Legal cases like PI, Medical Malpractice, Mass Tort, etc.

  • Insurance underwriting 

  • Designated Doctor Exam, Independent Medical Exam, etc. 

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