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We work in tandem with your client facing team

and take care of all routine processes to free them up

for better client services.

We make a modest start and expand our services,

as we go on understanding the business processes.


We undertake all those processes that do not require client interaction, and do not involve core business activities of the client. 

We perform all repetitive processes,

perform document management,

keep CRM tools updated,

provide digital marketing support,

 maintain IT infrastructure up-to-date,

maintain data back ups, etc. 

At a convenience store
Administrative  tasks, and serving the clients
are two important functions.

Doing one at the cost of the other,
means loosing revenue.


A convenience store owner is hard pressed for time. Administrative tasks like ordering, receiving, complying with various loyalty programs, accounting, tax filings, etc.  demands a lot of time. Not being able to afford a full time employee to handle all these tasks, results in many holes through which substantial revenue is drained out. 

We offer back office support to handle all the administrative tasks, at a fraction of a cost of full time employee, and prevent revenue loss. The store owner can, then focus fully on the client walking through the door. 

Traditionally Appellate Printers used to put together records and brief, print them in number of copies and serve paper copies to the law firms and file in the court.


With the courts going digital, the printing revenue is going down, which needs to be compensated by handling more appeals. To do so, the paralegals have to work with more clients, then to prepare records and briefs for ECF filing.

We take up the task of putting together records and briefs as per ECF Filing rules. Prepare eBrief complete with citation text, monitor court website for decisions and oral argument calendar. We maintain client's CRM tools up-to-date with all details. We research for leads and run email marketing campaign. 

Appellate Printing business
is entering a new paradigm of
appellate consulting,
as courts are going digital. 

Paralegals have to be free to do more consulting.

Designated Doctor Exam (DDE) scheduling
requires a close coordination with
the doctors, patients and exam centers.

We mange the process
at a price point that makes sense,
considering the fees paid by
the Workers' Compensation Board. 

We provide an end to end solution to Scheduling office handling Workers' Compensation board required Designated Doctor Exam scheduling.

We also provide transcription service for doctors dictating their reports, final report QC, Medical records summary to facilitate examining the patients, and reporting by examining doctors.

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