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Litigation is a complex, and document intensive process.

A lot is expected from paralegals, during the life cycle of a case.

Summit offers services that will save a lot of time of paralegal by taking away
some of the most time consuming processes,
as well as some very critical processes 

to keep the litigation process on track. 


Medical Records, and Deposition / Trial transcripts

Finding relevant information from medical records and deposition/trial transcript is like finding a needle in a haystack. 

Summit takes away the drudgery of going through these pages, by preparing a comprehensive summary, and linking the summary to the actual record for ease of reviewing. 

Each summary is customized to the client requirement, focusing on the key issues,  and highlighting information that is relevant to the case. 

eBrief is now mandatory in most courts. We take away the cost and efforts of getting text for the citations and statutes from the online resources, combine them with the brief, prepare Table of Content (ToC) and Table of Authorities (ToA), hyperlink brief and citations from ToC and ToA, make it word searchable, break them in parts as per the court rules, and upload to the court website 

eBinder is a digital case file arranged in a logical order and hyperlinked as per the case strategy, to make it convenient to access required documents quickly during depositions and trial. 


eBrief / eBinder

and ECF compliant case filings

Maintaining up-to-date docket as the case progresses, 

​downloading relevant documents from the court website,

maintaining calendar for filing responses
based on the statute of limitations

We offer Paralegal Companion portal to facilitate automatic docketing for your cases. It not only maintains an up-to-date docket for each case, it sends out email alerts whenever there is a change in the docket. It also, allows you to download documents from the court website, without using Pacer service. 

The portal offers a calendaring tool, and also intimate you of each trigger events to generate calendar entry based on your jurisdiction. Portal maintains its own calendar and sends you reminder on phone as well as via email.

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