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Summit Global Services was established in 2008 with a primary focus on litigation support services, like bibliographic coding, electronic data discovery, document review, etc. We worked with many US based litigation support services providers and law firms till 2014.

From 2014, we diversified our service portfolio to other business processes, to mitigate competition and challenges of technological obsolescence. 

Innovation, teamwork, attention to details, and zero tolerance to errors are weaved into processes we develop to provide back-office support to various businesses. We have achieved zero attrition in last 10 years through human-centric approach to team members, this ensures consistent quality, responsive service delivery and continuous improvement in processes to achieve better productivity.

Our team consists of business analysts, system administrator, process specialists and trainers to undertake any back-office operation from concept to ongoing operation for years. We not only take over business processes, but we manage total IT infrastructure of our clients and ensure business continuity and put in place a robust disaster management strategy.


We will free up your time and resources to focus on your core business by taking over all routine, repetitive, and time consuming activities.

We are confident of what we do, and it will pleasantly surprise you, when you will experience that we deliver more than we promise.





Founder and Principal

Having worked in the IT and IT Enabled Service arena since 1978, he carries extensive knowledge of technology and how it can be put to use, and deliver services that has value to end users. 

Business discussion


Project Manager

Mayur is a client service person since the inception in 2008. He is very pro-active, responsive and meticulous. He makes sure that nothing falls through the crack ever. He has sharp acumen for quality and allows no compromise, whatsoever. 

Team Working in the System Room


Information Technology Manager

Burzin has over 30 years of experience in managing IT infrastructure. He is the nerve center of our activity and makes sure that our data is well protected, we are safeguarded against any kind of technological disaster. He make sure that our team work seamlessly with client's team on 24 x 7 x 365 basis.


Our Team of process executives

We are proud of zero attrition in our team. Social bond and professional ethics have kept us together and allowed us to deliver consistent quality, at all times. 

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